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Learn how to create HDR video today. 

We have the ultimate solution to get you started, fast. 

Learn to create HDR video on a C9 or CX-series OLED TV 

Professional HDR grading monitors are today still very expensive. The C9 and CX-series OLEDs from LG are the ultimate option for getting you started with learning about and creating High Dynamic Range video today.

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If you wish to start learning about and creating High Dynamic Range video, we have put together the ultimate solution to get you started today.  With our solution, you will save precious time and avoid headaches. You won't have to waste time troubleshooting and searching for information – that's already done for you, packaged as an online course for your convenience.


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1. What is HDR video?

Get introduced to HDR video by learning about the fundamentals in section 1 of our video course

2. Our solution explained

Get familiar with our solution for getting started with HDR video in section 2 of our video course

3. Purchase equipment

Purchase the required hardware and software to work with HDR video

4. Complete the course

Get started with creating HDR video by following our tutorials in section 3 and section 4*

*Section 3 and 4 of the course requires you to be an intermediate user of the software DaVinci Resolve.

The person behind LearnHDRvideo.com

LearnHDRvideo.com was created by Jonas Westling during the summer of 2020. The site and video course was officially launched in late August the same year.

Jonas Westling

Audiovisual creator

Jonas is an audiovisual creator who specialize in HDR video. In 2019, he wrote a master thesis called 'HDR and the Colorist'. By sharing what he’s learned, Jonas wants to help other filmmakers to get started with High Dynamic Range video.

Get started with learning about HDR video, today!

You will learn about High Dynamic Range video, color grading and the colorist profession. Read more...

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Learn why the C9 & CX-series OLEDs are
the ultimate option for getting started with HDR video